And here’s a beginning……

Many abandoned blogs later, I have finally come to a conclusion that writing is very much required if I have to keep my brain from being shred into pieces by my constant worries and my drama queen attitude. Penning down my thoughts is by far the easiest way to sort my life for a start. Well I will begin by introducing myself. As of now. CONFUSED Little BITCH

Why Bitch? 
Well for a start my temper has been soaring and I dont seem to like a lot of things happening around me. Not being able to motivate myself to start working again is one of them. I feel cheated by myself. I feel that I have ceased to be the person that I was and that I loved. What led to it? Umm lots of things. Break ups for a start. One of them was legendarily damaging, Bad career choices, and moving again and again. YES packing my bags and moving overnight. I hate the escapist in me. I am trying to work on the scared-confused-insecure-angry little bitch part. I hope to succeed sometime real soon before that becomes my permanent identity.

Background Check: 
After staying away from home for four years and after pursuing education, parties and travelling with complete dedication I have come back home. Its been 9 months and I already feel like I am nearing my end. Believe me! This is not how I envisioned by early twenties. But then again- what’s life all planned.
So now, at 23 I am at home full time. Left my job a couple of months back to go back again to London for a short trip which was cut shorter.(That needs a separate post altogether) For now, I finally have a plan in mind. I have made up my mind that I will start afresh in life. Both personally and professionally.
The plan says :

  1. Get a Job
  2. Get a House 
  3. Get a Life. 🙂 

Sounds simple at least as a list. But lets see how I go about doing it.
I hope I stick around on this blog for a long enough time to at least accomplish this list.

Me 🙂