The last post of 2010

Okey people… Officially the last post of this year. I am on my way to meet friends to begin the new year celebrations (I still don't have a clear idea about what we are doing this evening). This year I am grateful for blackberry for this mobility of blogging from a metro rail :-). Also I am grateful to god for giving me the crappiest hardships this year because if it isn't for those I would have not known my strengths. Thanks to my family and my friends for being an excellent support system. This year I only hope to be a better person. And one humble request: please give warm milk or warm blankets to the under privileged people on the streets especially old people and puppies. And most importanly LOVE YOURSELF PEOPLE.For its only then that you can love anybody else. Mwahhhxxx

See you in 2011 😉


Me 🙂

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The resolutions business.

So here it is my list of new year 2011 resolutions. I am big enough to now follow them seriously so I really hope I am able to do it this time. I am not going to put stupid resolutions like weight loss , quit drinking etc because I am going to deal with bigger agendas.
So here it goes:

  1. Temper Control: My biggest problem in life. I will work on my temper this year and I will control it to the maximum. I have to be a better person from within to be able to do that. So I hope to work hard on it and achieve it. 
  2. Be a more private person. This one is also very important since I am usually very open about what I feel about things and people which mostly lands me in trouble. I need to be very conscious with my words and also I need to keep my emotions in check . I need to listen more and talk less. 
  3. Pray. I really need to pray and meditate this year to be able to achieve both of the above resolutions. 
Thats it. These are my three simple to look at yet difficult to achieve resolutions for this year. 
I hope we are all able to stick to our resolutions. 
Me 🙂 

This one is for my Mum! xx (A very small note)

At 23 (turning 24) you have very little to say about your parents whilst a lot to say about your friends. I want to take a moment and write some things about my mother whom I very dearly love. Although in my adolescence much like a lot of people around the globe I never used to get along with her as much as I should have,  but now when I am in my twenties I can totally relate to her and I totally get along with her (touchwood) She is a very understanding mother. Actually not just an understanding mother but in general an understanding person, I think it stems from the fact that she is a Doctor and she needs to counsel a lot of people but whatever it is, I am so very lucky to have her as my mother. Sharing everything from the daily depressions (he he ) to boyfriend woes I can talk to her about everything. She gives me advice that is not only practical but also sane with reference to my age group. Of course she has her motherly wisdom to impart as well 🙂 but mostly she gives me advice as a peer and I genuinely seek her advice more than I seek advice from my friends.
We both have similar values as far as major things in life are concerned which is also why I think I relate to her in so many ways. If only I can get her calibre in terms of investment and money matters I think I will be really sorted in life.
(And I dont need mother’s day to say this)
Me 🙂

Yay a New Year is coming!!!

I am so happy a new year is coming. 2011. I think it is going to be my year. (I know I have said it enough times) Finally the feeling is setting in because its Monday today and this Saturday it will be a new year. OMG I have never been so excited about any year as much as I am about 2011. I look forward to my 24th birthday. This year for me is the do or die year. I have to make that house dream possible, I have to put a foundation stone for my career in public relations. A big touchwood. Big fingers crossed.
So finally I have brought a 2011 diary. It is a really pretty multicoloured patterned diary which I picked up from Staples just this afternoon. And I have already started filling it up with birthdays, anniversaries and things I need to do next week. It has a page for a day system which will make it very easy for me to maintain my daily to-do lists and personal notes. The fact that it is a very pretty diary makes me happy. Also it is not a kind of a diary that you can get bored looking at. I will post a picture soon.I am too lazy right now.
Also I am going to be posting soon about my new year resolutions and certain pledges that I take for this year and so on. I hope you are looking forward to the year as much as I am.

Me 🙂

New Year Dilemma

My new year plans are haywire. What to do? Initial plan was that I will go to Himachal with Mr.Big and now my mother has thrown a googly. She says that if I go to Himachal, then I will have to stay with my maternal grandmother and if I do that then I wont be able to step out at night which clearly means NO New Year Eve dinner or party or whatever. Oh God! Save me from the trouble. If Big and I dont go to Himachal then we dont have any plan so far for Delhi….
My ideal plan for new year if we stick to Delhi (He hates the plan)
Stay at home, order chinese, drink good wine and watch god father and cozy up ❤ <3. How difficult is that? Quite peaceful new year eve. Aaah I wish….

Any Suggestions??
Me 🙂

Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas people. I hope Santa gets you lots of happiness like he got me what I wanted. Yeah Yeah Santa heard me. After spending hours and hours watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs in his honor he finally bestowed upon the happiness that I asked for (I am so cheezy). A clear example of that is the fact that I am writing this blog post from Mr.Big’s place he he ….Cant wait for him to move into his new place 😀
Apart from that, I am looking forward to spend this new year eve in Dharamshala-Himachal Pradesh. Lets see how that works out.(not that I am a big fan of the hills but Dharamshal can be quite charming in winters)  Keeping my fingers crossed. That’s all I need to feel super happy to bring in 2011 which I am convinced will be MY YEAR he he .
More to come.

Me :o)