Quick Update!

Can’t wait for 2011 to come. I think it is going to be my year! Yeah I said it : Its going to be my year! I am actually writing a pledge of the sorts for this new year. Damn the resolutions, I am just going to take a pledge to do or not do some things.

Important check-list for this week includes:
1. Meet the Girls!
2. Meet my best friend and her beau.(Also in the best friend circle 🙂 ) (Also known as Kanchu and Pulkit)
3. Pick up Neha from the airport.
4. Go to the bank for a new account and some housing loan information (Yeah I am taking baby steps towards the Goal No.2 )
5. Take Joey (My lovely cutesy amazing little pompi of a boxer) to the vet.
6. Make my web resume! THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP.
7. Try avoiding the Unwanted dinner tomorrow night 😦
8. Fill out the housing forms!
9.Get fresh passport sized pictures clicked.
10. Time for the haircut I always wanted! ….Haircuts are good for Broken Ups! :-s

Me : )


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