Top 5 things I learnt from my relationships and then breakups!

1. Love Thyself : DO NOT forget your own happiness. It should come first to you.For if you are happy only then can you make the other person happy. (Believe me it is not necessary and is definitly not your duty to make the other person happy. Each person is responsible for his or her own happiness.)

This lesson is learnt very recently and I wish I would have learnt it earlier so that I would not have made the mistakes I made. Some experiences in life are not so necessary. 

2. Loyalty is Integral: Cheating SUCKS. And for all those who have cheated. Getting Cheated upon sucks even more. You feel let down and definitely embarrassed and we don’t like getting embarrassed DO WE?

3. When breaking up : Avoid messy recourse! You dont want to wake up wanting to call the person and feel utter helplessness because of certain actions a night before.

4. Retail Therapy Always Helps. This does not need an explanation!

5. Don’t let yourself feel ashamed or humiliated that you could not make the relationship work. You did the best you could . Whatever happened, in the end you are someone who loved. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

Love ,
Me 🙂


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