I have a Plan and a Plan I have!

Why do all great ideas come to me at MIDNIGHT? …Answers anyone….
Well My 24th birthday is coming. Well technically its still 2 1/2 months away but what the hell I will still plan it.

So my plan says I rent a car and take my close set of friends to Agra. A 3 hour drive from Delhi and we can be back by evening, (technically night) . The idea is to have lunch by the Taj. The Great Taj Mahal.  I am hoping to be working by then to fund this little escapade. That’s my way of bringing my 24th birthday in true style. True Royal Style. The idea is to make this a memorable day for all my close friends. We have travelled around United Kingdom together. Its time we do that in India. This is home after all.

Well I will need to develop this plan over time. Lets see! But if you have any ideas on how I should be celebrating my birthday do leave comments. Much appreciated.

Love (True Shahjahan and Mumtaaj style)
Me 🙂


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