Listen to the rain on the roof

I have been craving sugar for quite some days now. Wondering what’s up with my biology? 

Anways, The day started with worrying about hair fall. (Worrying is probably what is leading to it) But I am now planning drastic measures to stop it.Like :
1. Special diet including power foods for stopping hair fall. (Read: Lots of Tofu) 
2. Getting a drastic haircut. (Don’t Read: Mohawk – Just shoulder length hair and maybe a little fringe in the front) 
3. Putting in hard work at NOT STRESSING. 
Met my Mumma Hen- Saumya this morning. We had a prior commitment to tend to. (Wow I sound like Lily Bass – Ref: Serena’s mother in Gossip Girl) After the work was done we had coffee together and some deadly sinful chocolate dessert. *Guilt Guilt* . 
Now coming on the main part and also the part which leads to the title of the post: Listen to the rain on the roof. I finally put in hours of work on my resume, cover letter and some other stufff required to apply for the position I am secretly wishing for. (Also the reason why I turned  down some other positions in other organizations) I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. (Sorry I havent told anyone about it I just dont want to discuss if I dont get it because I will be massively heartbroken 😦 ) …..For now I am all positive about it, (NAH…. I have not even applied as yet) Just getting a friend to sort some information for me first. 
But the good part is I am looking forward to something and I love looking forward to things. The professional slump that I am facing since August will finally come to an end and will forever remain the first and last such time in the history of my life. I am ready to roll people! …..A BIG TOUCHWOOD
Me 🙂 

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