Top 10 Things I do on the internet

1. Social Networking : Facebook-ing to be precise. The very first page I open when i open any browser is Apart from Facebooking I am into twitter and blogging. (As you can see)

2. Dream Interpretation: Every day without fail I go to dream interpretation dictionary sites and try to interpret my dreams. 😀 I believe they have a hidden meaning. (Stop Laughing)

3. Resumes and Cover Letters: These days I have been looking for samples of resumes and cover letter and PR Portfolios of other people in order to make mine.

4. Youtube: I am always looking at funny videos and listening to songs on facebooks (NO I dont look for Karaoke Videos )

5.XKCD : A webcomic about Romance, Sarcasm, Math and Language.( I am geekier than you thought. Also sometimes I look at The Oatmeal. ( (Another cartoon/comic blog/website)

6. Read the Newspaper: I got to The Times of India Website to get news. I am not really a big news-PAPER person any longer but I think its temperory but nothing beats the thrill of reading news online considering i dont have to handle big pages and can skim through just what I like.

7. Chatting: Catching up with friends on Gtalk and Skype! Needs no explanation. I hate Yahoo and MSN so a big NO.

8. Virtual Window Shopping: How could I miss this one. I go on Macys, Amazon, some brand websites to keep on my window shopping. (ironic …I have windows installed on my computers..LAME I know)

9.  Reading Blogs: By others. Currently I am addicted to Its not about the wedding as much as it is about her setting up a new house, the buying and the decor. I love her house.

10. Watching Soaps and Movies: Last but not the least. Infact one of the most important ones. I watch grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and How I met you mother amongst others on ( As we all know in India we are usually 2 seasons behind than in US or UK so this is a great website to keep up to date with latest episodes. As far as Movies are concerned all I do is search for the movie on YES I HAVE A MEMBERSHIP…YAY…lets me watch high quality videos and that too unlimited.

Me 🙂


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