All that a girl asks for is ….

Why have we suddenly become so modern that we have forgotten all about some sweet old values. Men expect their girlfriends to stand beside them through thick and thin but forget all about giving them respect and attention when it comes down to good times. 

I have guy friends who go on and on about how difficult it is to get a nice girl but do they treat their women good when they actually get one. The girl would go to extremes to ensure the comfort and happiness of the guy but he on the other would not even stand up to someone showing disrespect towards his girl. What happened to the old world values of standing up for your woman. Women are expected to be loyal, loving and caring but men are expected to do nothing. They have all the time in the world for a beer and play station but they don’t have time to take the girl to help her run some errands never mind that she would bend backwards to accommodate your plans. A girl will probably be able to live without love but not without respect.
All that a girl asks for is ….Respect! 

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