Adios Facebook!

There is more than one reason why I finally decided to quit facebook. For starts I probably had too many people on it and I did not want to deal with their question regarding my personal life-in short : whether I have broken up with my guy (they don’t even know the name of the guy or whether there is any such relationship at all) But sad status messages often act as starting points for conversations with long lost friends or just random people who you add because you were in the same school or college.
Secondly, I did not want to look at my boyfriend’s profile on facebook again and again. I am not the kind of person who stalks people on facebook which is why I thought it was disturbing behaviour on my part and decided to do something about it.
Also, I felt that I have had too much of that social networking site. It wasn’t offering anything new and somehow the state of ennui prevailed.

So Bye Bye facebook. My journey with you was a good one but its time to let you go.

Me 😦


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