Breaking Up is Hard to do…….

Typically you’d think that if you were going to write about your breakup, it’d start with day one.  However, day one of my breakup was spent sobbing in the shower and playing Howie Day’s “Collide” over and over in my car and at home so I was a bit incapacitated, needless to say. 
Technically, this is really like day 8 since the previous week was spent fervently denying this breakup was actually happening in the first place. Regardless. Since stalking and being in a relationship by yourself is generally frowned upon and yes, quite pathetic, I guess I have no choice but to try to find a way to move on.
Around 2 days back my relationship to the guy I was convinced was THE ONE, MR.BIG and everything a girl dreams of ended. I would love to say that our time together was pure and blissful heaven on Earth, but that would be a lie.  In reality, it was more a mixture of heaven and hell with hell increasingly butting into heaven’s time as the months progressed. But throughout it all, this man became my advice giver, my confidante,my joke supplier, my biggest critic, and my biggest supporter.He was an ear I could turn to. I learned to love Delhi with him. Through the good and the bad times, he became my best friend. And I miss him like hell.
I know I’m not alone here. We’ve all been in love and lost love and said we were never going to fall in love again then did it anyways.  We play the cycle out over and over everyday. But no matter how many times we do it, breaking up sucks. Plain and simple.
The reason I am writing about this is because I always need to vent. More and More! I am rally hoping I will not turn this blog into a break up blog. This is about me for God Sake. 

As a Side Note: 
I did it. And I’m so not proud. I regret to report that last evening at approximately 10:28 P.M , I sent the cringe-inducing “drunk text” to the ex. Unfortunately for my pride, I was stone cold sober.

Me 😦

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