Isn’t it lovely

I saw this at a Home Decor Store in Select City walk and totally loved the idea. (P.S. I mean the Diwan Style Sofa with curtain and not the table decor at the right :-p )  
I am totally crazy about setting up an apartment for myself and I am really hoping I will get to do that in 2011. Which is also why I am so looking forward to 2011. And I am so obsessed with the idea of setting up my own house that I keep collecting decor information and pictures to help me when I actually get to do it hopefully this summer. Although if everything goes as planned and as per my preference I will be getting a one bedroom apartment (With bath, kitchen, closet and balcony he he ) But it could be anything from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms depending on the locality my mother thinks is best for me. He He 🙂 
Actually, talking about 2011 has given me the idea of putting up a post on the ‘Things I look forward to in 2011) Let me do it NOW!

P.S : This post might seem like a rant because I am actually typing it from my phone.

Me 🙂 

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