Stuff I look forward to in 2011

December is almost coming to an end and this is the perfect time to put together a list of things I look forward to in 2011 or the new year so to say. So here it is 

  1. My Apartment. The Most of important of them all. I have been going on and on about getting an apartment and I know that 2011 is going to be a kickass year for that. Hopefully by summer I will have an apartment and I will get to set it up according to my own taste and style. The months for this goal are probably from April till June. A BIG YAY. Fingers crossed xx 
  2. I want to change my phone and I am pretty sure it is going to be one of the blackberry models because I cannot live without blackberry. I really want a new phone because I have always gotten Hand-Me Downs Blackberry phones from my brother so this time I am going to get one for myself BRAND NEW. But I don’t see this happening till Diwali 2011 and I am going to make sure the current phone of mine lasts a year at least. So technically the month for this goal is October. 
  3. I am going to finally change my laptop and get a MacBook Pro. I have always wanted one of those babies and I am going to save for this one and get it in December. That is when Kanchu and Pulkit come back to India for their annual vacation so I am really hoping to send them the money and get this awesome thing. So the month for this goal is December 2011. 
  4. Working: I look forward to working again! And making money again. Actually this one should be the most important since if I don’t work I wont have money to sponsor any of the things mentioned above. 
  5.  Maybe Just Maybe I will be able to earn my first Louise Vuitton Speedy 35. But this is a big Maybe and I might or might not be able to save for this one but then YOU NEVER KNOW. Actually as I think of it I am pretty sure this wont happen because I have so many other expenses like home stuff, macbook pro and phone and some other stuff. 
Ok Thats It ! These are the things I look forward to. 
P.S I know this is highly ambitious of me but then WTH its my life and I can dream and plan. 
Me 🙂

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