Daddy’s Good girl

I miss being Daddy’s good girl. I altered the rules, I was a rebel but he made peace in my happiness and look what happened …the man I changed all my rules for dumped me in the worst way possible. Who Does that? Who dumps a person at 6 in the morning on some random street with a round of choicest words? Who Does that?  And I am not one of those egoistic bitches who will claim that ‘Oh I dumped him’ No I did not. He did. (Even if this puts me in guilt inducing shame)
So I think my freedom no more lies in being available in the evening for parties.
Major rules for now:

Self imposed curfew at 7 P.M
No Alcohol EVER. Swear on my sister and cross my heart. NO MORE.

Me :*(

P.S…..By no means am I suggesting that he asked me to break those rules. He never asked me to do anything wrong. And even though I shouldn’t be saying good things about him but I WILL NOT LIE. I got those rules amended at home because I wanted to do that even if I wanted to do it for him ..that was a personal choice he cannot be blamed for.


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