Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas people. I hope Santa gets you lots of happiness like he got me what I wanted. Yeah Yeah Santa heard me. After spending hours and hours watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs in his honor he finally bestowed upon the happiness that I asked for (I am so cheezy). A clear example of that is the fact that I am writing this blog post from Mr.Big’s place he he ….Cant wait for him to move into his new place 😀
Apart from that, I am looking forward to spend this new year eve in Dharamshala-Himachal Pradesh. Lets see how that works out.(not that I am a big fan of the hills but Dharamshal can be quite charming in winters)  Keeping my fingers crossed. That’s all I need to feel super happy to bring in 2011 which I am convinced will be MY YEAR he he .
More to come.

Me :o)


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