New Year Dilemma

My new year plans are haywire. What to do? Initial plan was that I will go to Himachal with Mr.Big and now my mother has thrown a googly. She says that if I go to Himachal, then I will have to stay with my maternal grandmother and if I do that then I wont be able to step out at night which clearly means NO New Year Eve dinner or party or whatever. Oh God! Save me from the trouble. If Big and I dont go to Himachal then we dont have any plan so far for Delhi….
My ideal plan for new year if we stick to Delhi (He hates the plan)
Stay at home, order chinese, drink good wine and watch god father and cozy up ❤ <3. How difficult is that? Quite peaceful new year eve. Aaah I wish….

Any Suggestions??
Me 🙂


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