The resolutions business.

So here it is my list of new year 2011 resolutions. I am big enough to now follow them seriously so I really hope I am able to do it this time. I am not going to put stupid resolutions like weight loss , quit drinking etc because I am going to deal with bigger agendas.
So here it goes:

  1. Temper Control: My biggest problem in life. I will work on my temper this year and I will control it to the maximum. I have to be a better person from within to be able to do that. So I hope to work hard on it and achieve it. 
  2. Be a more private person. This one is also very important since I am usually very open about what I feel about things and people which mostly lands me in trouble. I need to be very conscious with my words and also I need to keep my emotions in check . I need to listen more and talk less. 
  3. Pray. I really need to pray and meditate this year to be able to achieve both of the above resolutions. 
Thats it. These are my three simple to look at yet difficult to achieve resolutions for this year. 
I hope we are all able to stick to our resolutions. 
Me 🙂 

2 thoughts on “The resolutions business.

  1. Now THIS one I too much like. I smiled not because the resolutions were realistic, but to realise my baby's grown up in just 2 years.
    Now only if you let go of the madness for brands…..ah…no..on second thoughts…lets keep that one on-board for now!

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