This one is for my Mum! xx (A very small note)

At 23 (turning 24) you have very little to say about your parents whilst a lot to say about your friends. I want to take a moment and write some things about my mother whom I very dearly love. Although in my adolescence much like a lot of people around the globe I never used to get along with her as much as I should have,  but now when I am in my twenties I can totally relate to her and I totally get along with her (touchwood) She is a very understanding mother. Actually not just an understanding mother but in general an understanding person, I think it stems from the fact that she is a Doctor and she needs to counsel a lot of people but whatever it is, I am so very lucky to have her as my mother. Sharing everything from the daily depressions (he he ) to boyfriend woes I can talk to her about everything. She gives me advice that is not only practical but also sane with reference to my age group. Of course she has her motherly wisdom to impart as well 🙂 but mostly she gives me advice as a peer and I genuinely seek her advice more than I seek advice from my friends.
We both have similar values as far as major things in life are concerned which is also why I think I relate to her in so many ways. If only I can get her calibre in terms of investment and money matters I think I will be really sorted in life.
(And I dont need mother’s day to say this)
Me 🙂


One thought on “This one is for my Mum! xx (A very small note)

  1. Ah…finally…you wrote the words we all want to say at some points in our lives…Keep 'em coming tiny one.

    I love you.


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