Yay a New Year is coming!!!

I am so happy a new year is coming. 2011. I think it is going to be my year. (I know I have said it enough times) Finally the feeling is setting in because its Monday today and this Saturday it will be a new year. OMG I have never been so excited about any year as much as I am about 2011. I look forward to my 24th birthday. This year for me is the do or die year. I have to make that house dream possible, I have to put a foundation stone for my career in public relations. A big touchwood. Big fingers crossed.
So finally I have brought a 2011 diary. It is a really pretty multicoloured patterned diary which I picked up from Staples just this afternoon. And I have already started filling it up with birthdays, anniversaries and things I need to do next week. It has a page for a day system which will make it very easy for me to maintain my daily to-do lists and personal notes. The fact that it is a very pretty diary makes me happy. Also it is not a kind of a diary that you can get bored looking at. I will post a picture soon.I am too lazy right now.
Also I am going to be posting soon about my new year resolutions and certain pledges that I take for this year and so on. I hope you are looking forward to the year as much as I am.

Me 🙂


One thought on “Yay a New Year is coming!!!

  1. Bah!!..”Picked up from Staples”! Show off!
    I wouldn't have mattered if you would've gotten it from the “Kor-ner wale stationary bhaiya”….!
    Good part is, you bought it. May god keep it filled through out the year! 🙂
    …I remember the last 2 planners you bought…!

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