The last post of 2010

Okey people… Officially the last post of this year. I am on my way to meet friends to begin the new year celebrations (I still don't have a clear idea about what we are doing this evening). This year I am grateful for blackberry for this mobility of blogging from a metro rail :-). Also I am grateful to god for giving me the crappiest hardships this year because if it isn't for those I would have not known my strengths. Thanks to my family and my friends for being an excellent support system. This year I only hope to be a better person. And one humble request: please give warm milk or warm blankets to the under privileged people on the streets especially old people and puppies. And most importanly LOVE YOURSELF PEOPLE.For its only then that you can love anybody else. Mwahhhxxx

See you in 2011 😉


Me 🙂

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