It’s complicated

Its been like forever since I posted something on the blog. A lot has happened since this year started. So far everything has been going pretty ok but somethings have complicated even further.  An ex decided to make his way back into my life (not with success though) and this is not just any ex this is the most complicated ex ever. His name or call or even a slight reference still provokes heart wrenching thoughts. I don’t like this and I certainly will not be party to this but this has made me think hard about the relationship I am in. I cannot always be the girl who makes the guy perfect for a next one. I cannot always do this. I need and totally need ridiculous, maddening, irritating and indulgent love, where you cannot think about anything but that one person and VICE VERSA. (Very important)……I just dont feel like writing but nevertheless I will post this.


Welcome 2011

Finally the first post of 2011. I am welcoming 2011 on my blog with a different theme. A Pink Theme 🙂
The year has started rather weirdly. Details …umm maybe later. For now I am too excited because technically the first week of this year starts today. So I have lots to do now. I will get back with more meaningful posts a little later. For now- A very happy new year.

Me 🙂