Finally turned 24! It was a greattt greattt birthday and I am now most certain that my year has begun.
Started my birthday with a shot of tequila and a pinch of salt šŸ™‚ sharp at midnight! Lets see how it goes now.



Top 5 Things

Check out the top 5 Steps of a relationship on the right hand side of the screen. The times of undying love have vanished. Clearly its just a text book concept now. Love does not exist anymore. And how will it exist when commitment phobia, trust issues, mud slinging and accusing-investigating have taken its place.


Lehmber ne ban jaana tera manmeet ni…..

I have to admit I absolutely love punjabi songs (not the lame ones). I love Lehmber, RDB and Sukhshinder Shinda…..totally love punjabi music. It can be great when you want to dance and it can be awesome when you want to cry.

Sadi Gali from the movie Tanu weds Manu marks the entry of Lehmber Hussainpuri in Bollywood.Ā 
And I totally love the song. It reminds of the time I have spent in UK with my friends, going to punjabi nights in some damn good clubs there. Brits know how to appreciate punjabi music unlike us Pseudo Cool Happening Delhi crowd. We are losers..we can only play chandigarh kare asshiqui in our ‘jagmagati’ cars instead of playing good punjabi music in good clubs in Delhi. Arghhhh….Hate it!
Me šŸ™‚Ā 

My hindi movie arsenal

These are my favourite top flicks. Chick flicks or not I dont know but I know that these movies are the movies I watch when I am happy, when I am low, when I amĀ direction-lessĀ and when I am motivated.

  1. Wake Up Sid
  2. Life in a Metro
  3. Hazaron Khwaishein AisiĀ 
  4. Salaam Namaste
  5. Jab We MetĀ 
  6. Love Aaj KalĀ 
  7. Break Ke Baad
  8. and now after a couple of months there is finally an addition to the list: Yeh Saali Zindagi.Ā 
These are the hindi films I love and watch whenever I get time. Wake Up Sid is probably the favourite. I hope I get two more good films to make it my top 10 list of favourite hindi movies.Ā 
Me šŸ™‚Ā 

A cunning basturd called Mind….

I m just thinking out textually right now. Can we condition our minds to think a certain way? Can we condition our mind to think only about certain things and to not think about people? Can we? Can we tell our mind that it cannot afford to fuck around with us anymore? Can we tell our mind to stop fooling around with certain emotions? Can we tell it to focus on what SHOULD be the priority instead of what it makes to be the priority? Can we?
Mind is a cunning basturd. A very cunning basturd. For if it wasn’t the world would be devoid of some intense trouble. I wish….I only wish my mind wasn’t such a big basturd. That it would listen to me when I try to teach it how NOT to think about certain things. It is not a battle with the world anymore. It is a battle with this cunning basturd. And I tell you people ….I think I am gonna win. *WINK*


ek chutki mein

It takes 23 years to build values that you believe in, the values that work for you, the values that you work for. Not values that your parents try to teach you or your education teaches you. The Values that your experience and knowledge teach you. And it takes a snap of a finger to forget about them.Ā 

It takes one twisted relationship to teach you that love is only a word without any meaning.Ā 
It takes one ditch of a friend to teach you that you cannot trust anyone but yourself.Ā 
It takes one bitch of a boss to teach you that success does not come easy.Ā 
And it takes 2 minutes to realize that you if you want to be happy you should think about yourĀ happinessĀ and not expect to be happy in somebody else’sĀ happiness,Ā for in essence IT IS SOMEBODY ELSE’sĀ happiness. You want to be happy …think about yourself first, middle and last. Just your SELF! for that’s the only thing that will stay with you till the end.