A cunning basturd called Mind….

I m just thinking out textually right now. Can we condition our minds to think a certain way? Can we condition our mind to think only about certain things and to not think about people? Can we? Can we tell our mind that it cannot afford to fuck around with us anymore? Can we tell our mind to stop fooling around with certain emotions? Can we tell it to focus on what SHOULD be the priority instead of what it makes to be the priority? Can we?
Mind is a cunning basturd. A very cunning basturd. For if it wasn’t the world would be devoid of some intense trouble. I wish….I only wish my mind wasn’t such a big basturd. That it would listen to me when I try to teach it how NOT to think about certain things. It is not a battle with the world anymore. It is a battle with this cunning basturd. And I tell you people ….I think I am gonna win. *WINK*



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