ek chutki mein

It takes 23 years to build values that you believe in, the values that work for you, the values that you work for. Not values that your parents try to teach you or your education teaches you. The Values that your experience and knowledge teach you. And it takes a snap of a finger to forget about them. 

It takes one twisted relationship to teach you that love is only a word without any meaning. 
It takes one ditch of a friend to teach you that you cannot trust anyone but yourself. 
It takes one bitch of a boss to teach you that success does not come easy. 
And it takes 2 minutes to realize that you if you want to be happy you should think about your happiness and not expect to be happy in somebody else’s happiness, for in essence IT IS SOMEBODY ELSE’s happiness. You want to be happy …think about yourself first, middle and last. Just your SELF! for that’s the only thing that will stay with you till the end.

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