A surfeit of laughter

Last Sunday (the sunday that just went) my girlfriends(Neha and Shruti) came home for a sleep over. Well, there was hardly any sleep involved in it. We discussed everything from sangrias to sex to shoes! One hell of a night it was! Ok so whats new in this? I laughed….A Lot! A Whole Lot Lot!
We cracked up on a personal joke (which is now in our book of highly awesome personal jokes :D) and me and shruti could not just stop laughing, I think we laughed  for like 20 minutes non stop, obviously at the expense of Neha huhahaha! My stomach was hurting with the laughter and tears came rolling down(this is how hard we were laughing) It was at that point of time that I realized that I had not laughed my lungs out (literally) in months (even if its a year now…I wont be surprised). Last I laughed like this it was towards the end of 2009 or maybe early 2010.
What went wrong? I dont know! But I did not laugh that well! And it was in that brief moment of time I realized how important it is to laugh, how important it is to have close friends to share that laughter with and how important it is to always feel so good about something that you cant stop that overflowing of that good emotion.
Life has taken a whole new meaning in the last few weaks. Somethings taught me how weak I was and how I need to pull up my socks and some things taught me that I am getting there.

This was like a random ramble!
Will post more!



Aah Bugger!

Well an update on how 18th went.
Good first day at work!
Bad day for getting an apartment ..the answer from god and DDA is ‘NO’

Feeling rather horrid! Coz I was riding my hopes so high on DDA that I almost forgot that lacs of people had applied for some 16000 flats. 😦

Disappointed and Heartbroken
Me 😦 

Quick Update!

18th is an important day. Why ?
Well, for  a start …….I join the corporate warfare. I start on monday and am stuck with that MNC (under a legally binding contract) till at least April 30.2013.After that its entirely up to me whether I want to work with them or not.  WOW thats long! And now life will get in a rut. A rut I so despise.

and then on the very same day, the housing draw comes out and on that day either I will have a house of my own or I will not. So fingers crossed for that. I just cannot wait to have my own apartment. I will be totally heartbroken if I dont get it . 😦


From the bottom of my stomach

I am at a point where i can clearly see myself standing in the present. Its like standing on the shared border of two countries, you stand in the middle and can clearly see where you come from and where you are going, only I have not felt this weird in the stomach about what is coming in a very long time. I always thought wow I have so much to look forward to but now I am scared, confused and very very weak in deciding whats best for me and whats the right thing to do for years to come.
I have a job offer that requires me to sign a two year bond. It seems like a small amount of time but I feel so weird getting tied down. What if I dont like it in the first week? I don’t want to drudge it for 24 straight months.
I am handling a break up that refuses to breakup in my head. Very difficult situation because it just doesn’t go. Some days I think I am there, I am ready to move on and the next day I would feel resentful, angry and hurt all over again. It sounds Menopause-ish.

More to come
Me :/