Found It!

Finally found my watch, that had gone missing around 3 months back. Apparently it was buried under my winter clothes which were packed off for next winters a couple of months back. My domestic help decided to check if I had folded them nicely and kept pot pourri (Big taught me its prounced as ..PAWPOURRI- (So credit here) sachets in my winter clothes(for leeping away the stale smell), and thats when it occured to me that the watch is missing ever since winters got over. I dug out all clothes, and there it was, lying at the bottom of the bag …waiting to be found. Awwww my lovely little watch. Me loves it xoxo…….

Post the lovely find…I decided to shower it with lots of love lol so I kept it for good 4 hours in its cushioned box so that it could feel at home one again. (yes I am bordering on craziness …or maybe I am there already) …and I am wearing it now…Yay!

I gave lots of TLC to all my watches today so that they knew that I am always concerned about them…and that I love them a lot!

Next Mission: Find the missing iPod! 

Me 🙂


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