I know you are absolutely bored out of your wits by reading about my sob stories with Big!(Even though I am not 😦 …) So just to keep you happy and interested I am going to upload a couple of posts which will be very different from what I have done till now. The following three will be up in a couple of minutes.

  1. What’s in my bag?
  2. Books I am in process of reading and about to begin….
  3. My Make Up essentials! (yah I knw….LOL) 
Hope you like them! 
P.S Also a note to people in the mailing list:.(READ: KANCHU) Stop replying back to those blog post mass emails. They are BOUNCE emails sent by an external server/mailbox (I don’t exactly know what) When you comment on them (By hitting the REPLY button), I don’t get them as blog post comments, I get them as emails in the obscure email id I DO NOT USE! ..and yes I love you too. 
If you all wish to comment ….Please comment on the blog posts. Just because I have given you guys the ease of reading the blog posts the moment I post them…directly through an e-mail does not mean I will NOT appreciate your effort of coming to my blog and POSTING A COMMENT! I love you all..:)

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