What’s in my Bag???

A peek into what’s in my bag…..
I am absolutely in love with this delicious River Island Black Quilted Shopper Bag which I have had for a year now but I cannot seem to get enough of it.

They had a very limited stock of these bags (Which were replicated A LOT…there were some downright cheap copies that I saw, and that totally broke my heart yet, I had the consolation that I picked the original at the right time and at the right place.) It is not a very expensive bag, I vaguely remember paying £30 for it and it is specifically from the River Island store in Liverpool (my favorite RI outlet so far). Enough about the bag. I must get to the point now…What is in it ?
These are the things I usually carry in my bag. I am sure this explains why I will never be seen with small bags. I think they are a waste of money (its a highly personal opinion, so those of you who like them please do not take offence)

  1. Spectacles w/ case (shiny golden one he he BLING BLING)
  2. Sunglasses (even though I hardly ever use them, I think it is always advisable to carry a pair.)
  3. House keys…The key ring is from Delhi Haat for Rs70 …its soo pretty ..(but chipped in a week 😦 …total raste ka maal saste mein) 
  4. My ID card from work- whether its a weekday or a weekend it is always in by bag because I am so careless and I can’t afford to lose it. 
  5. USB  or Flash Drive – just random stuff like my resume, some pictures,a couple of songs and some other random stuff (I don’t even know what, havnt checked in aged) 
  6. My phone and an extra cover for my BB, (I carry the hot pink case as an extra because even though I like it, but it can be really annoying at times so I use the original BB case)And unlike some people I CAN LIVE WITHOUT MY PHONE, I do NOT think it is an absolute necessity. 
  7. My wallet (needs no explanation) 
  8. Lip Balm – My green tin YAY 
  9. A perfume. It could be any..I am not fussy but I do not like to carry around big bulky bottles. Something medium size does it for my bag 😉 
  10. A couple of pens.
  11. Chewing Gum! A MUST MUST HAVE. 
  12. My makeup pouch/bag or whatever it is. 
  13. A pair of earphones (or ear plugs or headsets…I don’t know what’s the correct terminology…My Vocab is horrible…but I think headsets are the ones that rest on your head and outer surface of your ears…pffttttt..let it be) 
  14. Some loose powder (I have never used it yet I have never bothered to take it out-I hoard)  
  15. Tampons (that pink can) 
  16. I also carry wet tissues or hand sanitizer(I am wondering why it is not in the picture..probably its somewhere in the bag)
Pheww that is a lot of stuff and a long list but yeah that’s about it. 
Me 🙂

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