Working on this blog! Yay!

I am trying to make this blog as user friendly as I can. In my attempts to do so I have added a couple of gadgets and removed some non functional ones.

On the right hand side you can see a Label Cloud. I am trying to label all my blog posts but it will take me a week to finish them all. But meanwhile I have labelled some of the posts which will be visible under the respective labels. This helps in identifying similar blog posts for example, all the posts which have images will be labelled under Images. One post can have more than one label so don’t be confused if you see the same posts in two different labels. (I don’t think you will put in so much brain and effort on my mindless blog he he but what the hell I am doing my duty of informing my lovely audience 😀 (I am such a drama queen …like I ever said) 
Also, I am doing both of us a big favor by Previewing the post before I publish it which results in lesser mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Don’t expect me to write fancy because I cannot. This is my diary and I blab in my diary. Please like it for what it is 🙂
Me 🙂

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