Emotional Duck-ism

I am an emotional duck.

There is a saying about how ducks and swans are seen to be gliding along the surface of a water body, all smooth, elegant, serence and calm, while underneath, their feet are going rapidly to keep them going.
Yeah, well that’s me and my emotional casserole.

I feel like I turned a masive corner this week.These last few weeks, or maybe even this last month has been a hard one but a certain peace and calmness has come over me and a very clear sign of the same, is the fact, that I slept like a log without any disturbing dreams for straight 11 hours! Sound sleep had become a distant dream since a couple of weeks. I could not sleep properly, I could not enjoy food, I could not enjoy just being in my skin. Something clicked, I cannot put a finger on what it was, but something just clicked and I feel, well, relieved.

It’s really nice to come out of a week and feel like getting through the next week is something I can actually do. I am finally able to focus my energy on planning. If you know me, you’d know that planning and looking forward (no matter how successful or unsuccessful it is) makes me feel good. And somehow, suprisingly enough, my plans -when not successful- do not shatter my hapiness. When I am at my best, I shrug the disappointment off and say to myself “time for some new ones”. And yet again, I start to look forward.

For now, that’s all I have to say. Will post a lot …soon!

Drama Queen


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