Heaven-ly Saturday!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I turned a corner this week and to celebrate my personal achievement or success at moving on I am giving myself a restful weekend. Yes, I am actually not doing anything this weekend. No chores, No going out, No drinking, No fried food and No disturbing thoughts. I have a big smile on my face because my mind is rested. I had a fabulous and peaceful Saturday. I slept through most of it and had lovely heaven like dreams. 

I have always had this vision of what heaven would look like for me. So yes, I do believe in heaven and hell. And to a certain degree I hope and think I will go to heaven. (Self confidence…!!!! :D). So my vision of heaven is somewhat like a song from any Yash Chopra movie shot in scenic Switzerland. Only I am alone in that dream , draped sexily in a satin sheet LOL yes A sheet …..(No there is no reference of any man I might or might not sleep with in heaven – Its just me in a sexily draped sheet LOL) running in a lush green field (It sounds so moronic but it is actually a beautiful sight) and there comes a time when I turn around and just fall freely on the grass (Cushy grass!) on my back and just stare at the clear blue sky. 
Imagine the lovely lush green fields with flowers all around that they show in Yash Chopra movies. Yeah THAT! 
So I dreamt about my vision this afternoon. I never wanted to wake up from that beautiful dream. Only, I am now thinking how many miles I must have ran before I turned around if the dream lasted for 4 hours. PHEW! But it was beautiful. The sky was blue, there were mountains all around and I was draped in a lovely satin sheet (red in this dream) and running in a field full of lush green. Ahhh! Fantasies people have! 
Anyways, so tomorrow the restful weekend plan continues and as crazy as I sound right now but, I am smiling whilst even writing this post. LOL 
Me 🙂 

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