What I learnt from 24 years of life on earth…

This is a comprehensive list of the things I have learnt from life in general including- relationships, dating, girlfriends, campus life…and blah batshit in general. 

  1. You cannot please everyone. You just cannot do it. So don’t even try it because in your attempts to do so you might not please anyone. Just be practical. Just think what is right at that moment and do that. You might not please anyone at that moment but in doing the right thing you are only making tomorrow a better day to face. 
  2. Give yourself ‘at least‘ six months of dating before you leap onto a relationship(I mean,with the same person). This is a big huge lesson and this also happens to be the lesson I never followed until I learnt the hard way.(And why this is an important lesson, requires a separate blog post which I shall soon write) 
  3. Chicks before dicks:This rule has no substitute. And I know almost 90% of the girls do otherwise. Don’t sideline your girlfriends when you have a boyfriend. Boyfriend (unless straight from heaven) will dump you in the worst possible way (I can’t even begin to tell what all batshit people can come up with just to break up) but your girlfriend will stick around even after you have practically broken her favorite Estee Lauder Lipstick. *drum roll for girlfriends* 
  4. Never share your assignments with friends (who claim to be your friend and then copy your assignment word by word, knowing very well that plagiarism or collusion can lead to a ‘fail’ for you.) When in India where plagiarism is a non existential offence ..this rule does not apply. Copy and let others copy. LOL 
  5. When you have a touchy relationship with people. (In my case my SIL)…Silence is Golden. Just mind your own business and forget about other’s existence and you will be in eternal peace.
  6. Dump the guy who cant own being with you, at the first possible opportunity. This needs no explanation. 
I’ll post more when I can recollect all of them. But for now these are the important ones. 
Me 🙂 

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