A dream I dream…..

                                                                           Source: Chon’s

I think almost all of you know how much I want to have my own house one day. Don’t get me wrong. I do love my parents and their house but I just think I need to have my own to feel at home. Wow! Did that just rhyme?
Coming to the point, I have had this image saved neatly on my desktop for a very long time now. Everytime I picture myself having a home, I imagine a house like this. This is just an area in a house but it symbolizes me. Let me tell you how….It has an open kitchen plan which a chic’ breakfast area (bar stool area) which is exactly what I want to have when I have a home. I want to be able to have an area to cuddle while having a late sunday brunch. I want to be able to cook and serve ‘live’ lol!
The soothing blue color on the wall is exactly the shade that I want on my walls. Oh how I love this picture. And I can only hope and pray I have a home soon enough to realize my design dream.

Will post more on home…Laterzzz

Me 🙂


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