My wedding dress!

No, I am not getting married, however, I now have my wedding dress.
I (whenever I get married) will be wearing my mother’s wedding saree for more than just sentimental reasons.
1. It’s in the perfect shade of red that I wanted.
2. Vintage. (30 years old)
3. Banarasi Silk Saree (Its gorgeous)
4. My mother has a successful married life so Good Omen!
5. and ofcourse its my mother’s wedding saree….it has to be mine.
I have never been a fan of the typical lehngas as a wedding attire simply because I feel a saree is far more ageless and graceful. You can wear it more number of times than a lehnga… and most importantly a saree never goes out of fashion.
Over the years my mother has made sure that the Saree was kept in a good condition so it does not need much restoration but I will be sending it for restoration nevetheless. Also I will be getting a nice blouse with it and ofcourse some awesome jewellery.

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