Break from Bhasad

Today is not one of my best days. I can certainly do better. I am so stressed and frustrated.
I am so stressed about everything in my personal life. I wonder why equilibrium cannot be maintained between personal and professional life. When personal life looks fine, the professional life goes for a toss. Now, that the professional life is fine and going smooth, the personal life is going for a toss. Why?
Things at home are so bizarre right now that it is absolutely impossible for me to believe that they are happening.  Things with Big are turning uglier day by day. Instead of moving towards a commitment, we are moving away from it. It is so frustrating that it’s unbelievable.
I want a break from everything. I want a break from living with parents and siblings (no offence, I love them and they love me, I just feel like I miss the time I was running my own house) I want a break from someone who can’t commit to me. I want a break from Bhasad.
Amidst a lot of Bhasad.
Me 😦

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