Top 5 reasons why getting married rocks!

#5: best friend + partner in crime + mentor + companion + boyfriend + shoulder to cry on + confidante + grocery shopper + chauffeur + heavy lifter + jar opener + life partner + baby maker + tax break + bed-sharer + cheerleader + travelling companion + personal chef + court jester + pillow + handyman + nurse + a sympathetic ear + honest opinion = husband

#4: There is nothing more romantic than the man you love standing up in front of God and everybody to say, I love you, and today I commit myself, my heart, my body and my life to you for the rest of our days.

#3: Marriage is the start of building a life, a home and a family together.  Everything becomes more affordable when there’s two people working toward the same thing.

#2: It is the closest thing a girl can get to a gaurantee that she will always have someone by her side in this crazy, upside down world of ours.

#1: We are just better together than we are apart.


Off to Jaipur!!!

As I type this I am on my way to Jaipur for a day trip with work mates! Awesome mausam and badiya gaane! Majaa aavi gayo!

Me :B

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