I have to keep up

The efforts of trying to move on… I succeed on some days.. And then I slip drastically on some days… But really just have to keep going with my efforts in forgetting, forgiving and moving on. Met all my relatives on Friday .. Yeah literally all of them from both my father and my mother's side.. And the joy on their faces when I told them I am ready to marry any guy of their choice .. Was unbelievable. And since then the process has started .. Of sending emails with bios and pics.. The calls for confirmation that I am looking at them. It's been crazy! I am kind of liking it. You can pick and choose what you want and then wait for one of your choices to choose you.. Funny ain't it. Meeting two of them sometime this week. Lol I'll keep u posted.



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End of Slavery

So last night was literally my last night of crazy hours. No more! From Monday I am permanently into human hours lol 10-6 or 12-8 whichever I please. Aahhh Bless!!

One hurdle crossed!


Me 🙂

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somethings are not always true…….

I’ve learned that saying: “love conquers all” isn’t always true.
I’ve learned that hope can rob you of time.
I’ve learned to acknowledge red flags much sooner and trust my gut more.
I’ve learned not to let the physical side of a relationship cloud my judgement.
I’ve learned that being single does not necessarily mean that one is “alone”.
I’ve learned that I’m a much stronger person than I thought ……………