O Tequila

Some things in life taste best with a shot of tequila and a pinch of salt and the famous saying… This too shall pass! Recovering from my last heart break… This has to be legendary – so the bottle of tequila will meet its end tonight! Finally .. I take a bow from the famous Big's chapter

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Just a quick update! I am now making the blog – a password protected site! If you visit it and it prompts you for a password – put in the password – shengo (case sensitive so all lower case letters).

Thanks for you patience and this was the last email post!!!


Me :/

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No more emails

Ok! So I am taking off the mailing list for this blog. This means none of you will be getting these posts in your email any longer. If you wish to still continue reading the blog then you must visit missmotormouth.blogspot.com.

The reason I am deleting the mailing list is because I am continuously dealing with difficulties in my personal life and I realised that in order for me to overcome those difficulties and truly stick to my decision of being alone and to truly move on I must release any negative energy I face at any time of the day …by simply writing.

I might write early in the morning or late at night or middle of the afternoon and I do know that almost all of you get your emails on your phone and I would hate it if you had to read something negative early in the morning. This way you have the choice to visit the blog whenever you like and I also get to use it as a coping mechanism without deliberately spreading negativity in your otherwise normal day.

Thanks a lot for being a good audience so far and I hope you visit the blog as and when you like! I hope to eventually put up the mailing list again when I am back in a normal frame of mind!


Me 😦

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