Quick Update – Travel Plans

Hey there!

I am so lazy in writing a post. Every single day I log in and contemplate writing but just end up procastinating and log out. Finally, today I got myself to write this short update on my upcoming travel plans.

So in the last six months I travelled to Kashmir, Agra and Jaipur. Those were good trips and happy memories.

As of now, I am off to Lucknow this weekend – lots of good food and maybe some shopping(why maybe? because as you know I am in a perpetual state of NO Money- I don’t know where it goes)

Then, next month I am taking a long weekend off to go to Kota in Rajasthan for a close friend’s wedding and to maybe shop a little (Read: Kota Silk Sarees)

In February I am planning a weekend get-away to Amristsar. I have never seen the Golden Temple and Wagah Border so this trip will take care of that. This trip is most likely to happen in the first weekend of February. Soon after Amritsar I will be off to Calcutta (I refuse to acknowledge iconic cities by their new boring names) and Puri to spend time with Kanchu and travel around. I am really looking forward to that trip. This is also my birthday month and I am turning 25. YAY! That obviously deserves a separate post altogether.

March will be a period of work and tax deductions so no travel plans.In April I will make a weekend trip to either Rishikesh or Ajmer.

So that’s all. This was a short update on Quarter 1-2012 travel.

Also, since I am not very big on clicking pictures I just realized I cannot let all this travel go to a waste by not clicking pictures so yes, I will make the extra effort of carrying the DSLR around. (yes, I hate travelling with big stuff as I like easy breezy travel but I think I should start clicking pictures or I will have no physical memories of any of these awesome trips)



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