Muskuraiye ki aap Lucknow mein hain…

What a trip! I am back from my weekend get away to Lucknow and I miss it already.
So here’s what my trip was like  –

We had taken a Shatabdi to Lucknow, so the travel was OK. Yes, just OK. No matter how fast a train runs, as long as people will not have basic toilet etiquettes there will be no joy in travelling in Indian trains.  I wonder why they do not have an attendant who can clean after the people are done. Well that’s how it works in India since you cannot teach them basic toilet ettiquettes – just pay a person to clean after them. What a shame! I even suggested having a challan for everyone who does not clean after they are done. The idea was to have a toilet inspector stand outside and every time a person walks out after using the toilet the inspector should inspect the toilet and for all those jerks who dont clean up there should be a Rs. 500 challan. 😀 😀 😀

And then I wanted to slap the railway minister for making the quality of the food go from just ok to really really horrible. I don’t know what’s wrong with Mamta Banerjee….. I think Lalu Yadav was a better railway minister. The food used to be of good quality. Railways was actually making profit under him (yes, it’s very surprising but true)

Nevertheless, this trip was such a memorable one that I want to go back to lucknow again and again. (hopefully soon). The food is to die for. On the first day of the trip, We had Basket chaat at Royal cafe. It indeed is a delicacy. Uptil now I thought Delhi was the best in Chaat but Lucknow is not far behind and their chaat sure won my heart.We then had kebab parantha at Dastarkhan – Nothing extraordinary but yes it was good! The second day started with Dahi Jalebi (mindblowing). There is something about the combination – jalebi and plain dahi. I loved it so much that I am going to try it in Delhi too :D. We then went sight seeing – the usuals – Lucknow Bhool Bhulaiya, Bada Imambada, Baoli etc. Just seeing these places makes me think about the foresight and precision that these architects had at that time.

We then had Malai Makhan (an indianized version of Whipped Cream) at Chowk Bazaar. It was divine. Just heavenly yet not heavy 😀 :D. Later in the day we finally had biryani from Idris (World famous Biryani according to Lucknow residents lol) Rs. 60 for a plate of divine bliss. I could see them cook the kebabs on sigri. The taste and the juices of mutton just flowed in my mouth. Not surprisingly the food was giving orgasmic pleasures 😀 😀

Lucknow is a mecca when it comes to food and hospitality. I think once in a lifetime people should go and see this small city bustling with people, rickshaws and food vendors.

As far as the shopping is concerned, I shopped like there is no tomorrow. I shopped from the famous Chowk Bazaar, Aminabad and Kapoorthala. Everywhere I went I just shopped. I am not surprised though, since Chikan Kari is one of my favourite kinds of textile work.

All in all it was a good trip. And I cannot end this post without Thanking Neha’s family for their extraordinary hospitality. Thanks so much for having us over!


P.S. I will post pictuires of the food and shops soon!


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