Can’t wait to bring in 2012

A new year is coming and I am excited …just as excited as I was when 2011 was about to come. With every year that is about to come I feel a new hope that the year will be of happiness, success, prosperity and satisfaction.

Just a quick update: I wanted a new blog, a new address and an absolutely beautiful and fresh theme – so I moved to wordpress. So here I am at BanterBag! I hope you love this blog just as much as you loved the previous one. All the old posts are intact and the same as they were in the previous one! I have exported the entire blog to this new address. You now have more control over your email subscriptions. You can now decide the frequency of emails that you get from me. Ideally an immediate delivery will give you immediate access to the posts I publish. Should you choose a weekly one then you will get a weekly digest of all the posts that I published in that past week. I hope you subscribe 🙂

However, I do want you to come by and visit the blog on its address sometimes (or more if you want) The joy of reading a blog post on the internet is far better than reading an email (believe me)

With this new year I have so much more to tell you…Can’t wait to get started!

I will post a final 2011 post on December 31st! Meanwhile, do tell me what your new year plans are..I look forward to reading them…

See you super soon xx



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