Time to say bye bye 2011

In just three hours from now 2011 will be gone! A year will come to an end. When I look back at this year I feel like I survived just so much! I saw marriages falling apart, relationships turning sour and people drifting away, however, it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am still standing! I have seen so much in the past one year. It indeed has been a very emotionally taxing year for me.
I did not make any resolutions for 2012. I don’t want the year to start with a failure (based on my history with resolutions in the past). This year is going to be a happy year – simply because I have stopped expecting that happiness will come from someone else. Only I can choose to be happy or be sad! And, this year just nothing will make me sad! I hope you all have a rocking year ahead! Good luck for all the resolutions you have for 2012 I hope you accomplish your goals!

Just a quick recap of what all happened this year in my life :

January – Hardly anything on the blog! Broke up with Big
February – Lots of movies and punjabi music – got my first post break up haircut! Celebrated it by posting it on the blog! Tried hard to keep away and get myself to focus! I turned 24 (patched up)
March – Very depressing month! I actually called myself a disappointment! Sad but true! (So happy to see how far I have come from that)
April – Well what a month!!! Was still struggling in the relationship (I think both of us were). Got a job! Yay! Did not get the apartment Boo 😦 Had a kickass time with the girls!!!
May– Very horrible month for Big and me (Probaly the lowest we ever hit) Was finding my feet at work. This was a difficult month by all means! Struggle Struggle everywhere! However, I did a lot of yummy posts on the blog! Iram got engaged and that decided my annual holiday destination. Kashmir!
June– Just one post! A very close friend’s marriage fell apart. Broke my heart in equal amounts! Quite a low time. By this time I probably realized that it was proving to be a very difficult year. A year I really thought would be my year. I interviewd for the PR profile in my organization.
July- Big turns 31 and I planned a surprise (which he caught). I put down my five year goals. I definitly did a lot of thinking about my financial goals in this month! Kudos to actually putting them down! Big and I were still struggling – I remember we were not really talking all that much just before his birthday! I got through the PR interview and officially became a member of the PR, MarCom & Events team! Yay!!! I love it!
August- Big and I were still struggling with the commitment issues. I was slowly (very very slowly) figuring out that our relationship might never see the light of the day! I now think that it took such great amounts of strength, energy and courage on our parts to try to continue something that was probably not meant to be. Are we in Love? Why else would we struggle for the other person just soooo sooo much! (just an after-thought)
September – Big and I showed some signes of progress! This was also the time when we went to the Tarot Reader together 😀 :D! So much for bein with a person! I went on a road trip to Jaipur! 🙂 I went to Kashmir and had a kickass time at Iram’s wedding!
October- Offical Heartbreak! Yes it was this month!
November- Personally a very bad month! I have no idea how many times I cried myself to sleep. Breakup can be so hard I had never imagined! Also the month I and Big had special stay over! Swish – all the way till Champagne! Will always be remembered. The idea was to create a happy memory! I don’t know about him but I will always cherish the memory.
December- The struggle that went on and on this year finally has come to an end. We both moved on! wished each other luck! Met Big for just a day this entire month I think! Or maybe twice! A chapter comes to an end!

All in all – At the end of this year – I have made some progress –
-I finally have a job that I love. I am growing in the organization. Have new opportunities everyday.
-I finally got out of the relationship which was not of two people who love each other!
-I learnt how to manage my finances. I have no Debt and I have a clear goal that I am working towards!

I am proud I am still standing! This year saw the first actual heartbreak of my life and I survived it- I only wish the best for Big – You will be very successful one day- I just know it!

It made me value some people in my life much much more! Sarfi you are a rockstar and I have the utmost respect for you!

Thanks to all my friends for being there – for listening to my melodrama over and over and over again! Thanks a lot! A lot of love to my family (Yes, We survived a lot this year and I am really proud of the fact that we are coming out of it just as wounded but proud soldiers)

Finally, A big thanks to all the people who read my blog! You are the reason I keep coming back to it. It’s my biggest coping mechanism!

I plan to keep up with this blog just like I did last year! Sure there were some slumps but there were some highs too! So to cleberate those highs…..Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!

Me 🙂


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