You’re most welcome: 2012!

So the year has started! Not exactly how I thought it would, but it has! So YAY! I have reasons to believe that this will be a landmark year for me – my work is fab! my family issues are getting resolved in February…and ….

Anyways… So I want to start  this year’s blogging by writing about the things I look forward to (this week)…

1. I am finally going to an Old Age home this Sunday! I have been thinking about doing it for so long that it’s not funny. Let’s see how it goes and maybe I can start volunteering on Sundays!  So that’s a big Yay for me! I used to do it looooong back when I was in college and then I moved to Mumbai and never really got a chance to continue it, but I am happy that with 2012 I have finally gotten my ass to move a little LOL! The most important reason why I would like to do it is because I feel for them! To see an old man/woman on the streets or to see someone ill-treating their parents – HEART WRENCHING.

2. Baking Lessons: They start from Sunday too! So excited for it! I really need to freshen up a bit and maybe these things will give me a new lease of life. LOOOOVEE IT! And if you know me then you know how much I love cooking!

Will keep you posted on the developments! I know this was a very vague post(and maybe lots of typos too..but I was too lazy to proof read it.

Also, I have promised myself that I wont let this blog become a sob story of my relationship tales. So keep in touch and I am sure you’ll enjoy reading it! 🙂

Till then A very Happy New Year!

Me 🙂


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