This post was written around 4 years back! Whoa – Its been soo long!

I and my best friend (who is now in US 😦 ) used to write a blog together. This is how we described each other in the ‘About Us’ section. 😀 😀 😀 Fond memories! I thought I’ll re-blog it here since I cannot share the blog link with you guys :p) __________________________________________________________________________________________

Sexy Scamster, a lot of mulling led to this name. I being the drama queen, someone had to take onus of taking forward our scamilicious attitude and so….Sexy Scamster was born. Witty, Yummy(mmmmm) and honest..that’s what sexy scamster is for you! For me she is just my biatch whose been there forever and ever.

Too hot a stuff in a tiny packet but as they say good things come in small packages. Her arguments can win you over, her thoughts can cause a mental turmoil in your belief and her attitude can bring sunshine on a rainy day. That’s precisely what she is ….tiny little dangerous one!

Her attention to detail, her chucky little laughter, her stress busters …everything about her is as unique as she is. You are left wondering how on earth can someone be so complete, from grey cells to long legs..I say she has it all!  She can act as a cushion when you want to vent, she’ll be the buffer when you want to slaughter someone, and she can spank when you need it most (figuratively speaking)  …and how can I miss out on the best thing ever…..she is the last person to judge you…kill your goat or sleep with your boss…she’ll stand their with you and say whoa …how was he….(stop looking at me with those accusing eyes people, I have never had a male boss and by my only physical encounter with a woman has been … unbossy thing  )

So Said

Drama Queen, Delhi


Drama Queen: Never at a loss for words, this hot and sweet princess (she prefers hot and cute) is a real drama queen and can liven up any gathering with her joie de vivre. As someone once said of her, it is a joy to watch her laugh out loud and live life so intensely. As far as bringing sunshine on a rainy day goes, DQ can beat me, i.e., the Scamster and any other competitor hands down – she literally has rainbows shooting out of her ass. Don’t believe me? Check out this comic – It was inspired by Drama Queen’s fireworks-shooting-out-of-ass display. But that’s it – we’re not competitors. We’re the best of friends and this is one friend who’d gladly give you the last parachute on a crashing plane.
Don’t underestimate her. Apart from being the burst of sunlit rays everyday in your life, this hot chick that nerds can only dream about is no dumb bimbo herself! She is super intelligent, street smart and is doing great in her career. But more than that, if you can interest her in what you do for a living, then she will read and find out about it until she can carry on an informed conversation with you. I love that about her. And I love her original way or expressing herself! She writes from her heart and that’s why her writing is just like her – a joy, pleasure and delight to behold. Brings a smile to my face. In fact, if my writing above just brought a smile to your face, it is also because of her – she is the author of some of the most creative expressions you will find in the lines above. Words that have never been strung together suddenly find themselves in one sentence, conjuring up visions never thought of before, scenes never imagined before by anyone. That’s my Drama Queen – original and unique

So Said

Sexy Scamster, Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association


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