I am absolutely swamped with work today – but I felt that I just HAD to take time out to write this post because I am so grateful that I have such friends. I am sure most of you know that I am going through an emotional turmoil at this present moment. Just barely hanging in there! It makes me wonder – some things can make us feel so tiny and inconsequential. Anyways, that’s not why I am writing this post.

So yesterday my blackberry status read –
“All odds are against me..Show me you exist”

Just to let you know that I have 44 friends on my blackberry list. Some of them are friends I talk to frequently…some of them I speak to once in a while and then there are some who I have not spoken to besides some random broadcast messages here or there. 44 friends in total. 

12 out of the 44 friends – changed their status messages after my status message and this is what they read –

(I am only going to mention their BB Names – for the sake of confidentiality :D)

1. Pary : People deserve better …Yet desire existence of the inferior.
2. Dips: Bless @ Shivani – You deserve the best and so you shall get!
3. Sheikha: Show her you exist…She’s ur spesh(special) child & u knw it
4. Sahibaan: May you get what you want – ❤ u Shivu!
5. Krita: if it’s for a guy – He’s is lucky
6. Nrj: You belong in his arms S…god is watching!
7. MJPopper: Existence is a state of mind. Go for it!
8: Tee: My prayer today..Shivani Be Blessed!
9. Keerat: Odds are not for angels like you Shivi
10: Garima: Your knght (knight) in shining wil soon opn (open) his eyes!
11: Kams!:God exists in your heart.
12: Utkrisht: Whethr u gv me or not..gv her what she wants (Whether you give me or not..give her what she wants)

Things like these don’t happen everyday.Things like these don’t happen to average people like me…Which is why this post will forever be in my heart!

A BIG HUGE THANKS to ALL OF YOU! 90% of you don’t know my problems, issues or anything that’s happening yet you posted this! I did not ask you to do anything like this …I was probably too engrossed in my own mess that I don’t even know what’s happening in your life…Yet you posted all this!  I feel blessed to just have you all in my life.

A friend of mine – Madiyan (I call him by his last name) told me that probably that’s how God is showing his existence by telling you that – you will have what you want. God can’t come down and stand next to you ..he can just show you signs and all you can do is…have faith!

me 🙂


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