2012 in words!

There are some words that are floating in my head right now. We all need these great words for 2012. So I thought I’ll pen it down – so that I remember it throughout the year!

1. Hope – It all starts with positivity. A hope, that this year will be THE year. Just the right amount of hope can change your situation from tricky to terrific. The biggest fad of this year is that everything will come to an end. If we were to actually think about it all the time – we’ll really just be inviting it. Hope puts such claims to rest. Life is where positivity is.

2.Perceive – We need to take time to perceive where we might be going in terms of every important aspect of our life – career, organization, company, skill set and think about what it means and how it will develop us into well rounded professionals/individuals.

3.Strength – This year will test us more than any other year. Everything from Economy to family set ups is changing. Change is inevitable and it takes a great amount of strength to accept that.

4.Focus – Hang on to hope, perceive your career choices and accept change but don’t lose focus. Priorities are set in order for us to organize our choices better. Choices that we make every day, they stick to us like a tattoo on the face. We cannot lose focus when we are faced with difficult choices every day.

5.Humanity – It does not end at donating a buck. Feel it and feel good!
Me 🙂


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