Back to work with vengeance

My trip got cancelled 😦 I am so gutted! But in retrospect I think that maybe whatever happened, happend for some bigger good! BIGger or not …is still the BIG question. (I suck at it 😀 )

So instead of taking the 15 day break I am back to work – back with a vengeance to work harder and harder. I feel like a clockwork mouse that has been wound up with a key and is bombing about in all directions – mentally and physically.

Anyway, at this point of time – I feel like I should talk about something that is going good in my life. My work – It has been a blessing when everything has turned upside down. It is the only solace in my life when all I see is sorrow (Sheesh I really do suck at it)

So, I work in the PR and Events department in “XYZ” the largest cloud service provider in event industry IN THE WORLD. Yes, I am not going to divulge into details of where who what for obvious reasons. But just so you know….we are multi million dollars in net worth 😀 😀 😀 
I am one of the very few people( I think only 3-5) in the company who work on two teams simultaneously which also means that we are an indespensable group of peeople 😀 😀 (or so I would like to believe)

So I am not the usual event planner or the usual PR girl who takes care of press releases or company events. So here’s a peek –

Events – we have more than 800 Seminars across 4 product lines in more than 15 countries each year. These seminars require a lot of planning, forecasting, execution and number crunching. All of this requires contract negotiations, shortlisting venues, managing RFPs, sourcing, quarterly roadmap planning and creation and a lot of other stuff. This year in 2012 we are also having a huge User Conference which is mostly done by companies like Microsoft, Vocus, Google etc etc…so it’s a huge project and I am totally kicked about it.

As for PR – I am the part of a team which takes care of all publicity – news releases, interviews, articles, awards management, speaking opportunity management and other publicity campaigns. This means that we have to be on our toes with deadlines, deadlines and deadlines. We have to pitch to difficult journalists, we have to sort the write ups, we just have to keep writing and writing – whether it is a huge interview  or whether it is a small write up for a brief in an article. 

So far I have had a great time working in this fast paced environment. My seniors (none of whom know about this blog) have given me opportunities that has brought me from back to the front league. Really looking forward to more and more work. Will soon introduce work characters…..till then…
Me 🙂


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