For the first time I feel…

being a woman sucks…:(

Don’t take me wrong. I think we women are awesome people. So before I pour my heart over why I feel being a woman sucks..I’ll list out some awesome things about us..

1. We have so any choices in clothing and accessories. We can wear pants and skirts, sarees and suits and hell we can wear shorts to clubs.

2. We have higher pain threshold. (For all those men who think getting kicked in the balls is the highest degree of pain – well maybe it is, maybe it is more painful than pushing a giant 2 kilo ball out of your pussy..Just maybe) BUT how many times in your lifetime do you get kicked in your balls? Do you get kicked in our balls 5 days a month? Do you get kicked in your balls for 6 hours continuously (ouch) NO right…so then shut up and sit back…because we get a period every month and it hurts, we push your babies out of our bodies like it’s a smooth ride. We stay in labor for hours and hours to give you something to be proud of. You can’t respect that…then you deserve to be kicked in your balls.

3. We can get away with crying. :)(

4. We can multitask.  Hell yes we can!

5. We reach maturity sooner than men. 23 year old woman and 23 year old boy! HA!

6. We have the courage to leave everything – our home, our family and our comfort zone behind and start afresh in a man’s house – love his family, raise his kids and manage the house. We are awesome!

7. Higher tax rebate LOL

8. We can give birth! Period

Now, I’ll list out why I think being a woman sucks…(as of today)

1. 20% lower pay than men for doing the same job.

2. Expectations that woman will be manicured, pedicured, primped and preened to a high degree at all times.

3. Menstruation

4. Pressure to have children thank’s to a ticking biological clock.

5. When men gossip it’s “networking”, when women talk it’s “bitching”.

6. Finally, the reason why I think being a woman sucks – we have a heart. We feel too many emotions and can’t keep a check on it. We fall for a guy and Boom everything changes. Not only do we become weak in the knees but also in resolve. We wait, we pray and we forgive but do we ever look at ourselves and tell ourselves that if he really loved you – he would stand by you and hold you. We’re like Charlie Brown running to kick the football. We know that he’s going to pull the ball away, but we run towards it anyway, hoping that maybe, just maybe, this time he’ll do it. Do you know how hard it is for a man to decide to make a woman “The One”? Do you know the amount of BS and “tests” a woman has to put up with and pass, before she is deemed worthy of marriage material? I’m sure some of you do. Especially if a guy has a great single life, he’s going to make damn sure that that woman is worth giving that all up for. By the time he decides that she is “The One”, he has put her through all kinds of stuff, because he needs to know that she has his back when times get hard. But then this is the kind of guy who is still willing to commit. What happens when you fall for someone who is not willing to commit no matter what….You have still gone through the same amount of ‘tests’, stuff and what not but you still don’t know if the guy loves you. You can love him, his friends, his house, his dog, his maid and his habits but he doesn’t love you…Why? Because of two things – Either he is still hurt because some woman in the past decided to play him over and screw his happiness and his emotional capabilities to the level that he can never trust/love another woman …or he is just too much of a Single guy to give up his independence – or maybe both!

If I was a man..I really would not have cared enough. I would have said – fuck the bitch and moved on. I would have played video games with my buddies, drank beers and  fucked random women. But I am a girl – I cry to my best friends, I pray to god, I hope and hope and hope that things would change. I drown myself in work and yet miss him subconsciously. I resolve to not meet him yet spend weekends with him and come back home all zeroed on resolve. And that’s when it sucks to be a woman.


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