Seriously dude…

I am so gutted that  I feel compelled to write this post.

Case 1: Girl loves Boy. Boy loves Girl. Boy is saat samandar par and Girl is struggling to start her career. The problem is not with the girl or her career, the problem is ‘home is where heart is’ the boy is not around and so nothing seems good, no job, no career choice, no city …nothing works. Brainfucked!
Case 2.1: Boy loves a girl since college , girl loves someone else but gets married to the boy nevertheless – thinking maybe it’s for the best. Boy still loves girl and girl still doesn’t. Brainfucked!

Case 2.2: Girl (from 2.1) loves boy, boy and girl cheat, boy and girl fight, boy and girl don’t trust. Girl decides to walk out of it all and gets married to boy (2.1) and thinks life will change ….it does, only to become a never ending tryst with the feeling called – misery. Girl still loves boy 2.2 more than ever….Brainfucked!

Case 2.3: Boy loves girl, girl loves boy, girl hides stuff about Boy (2.1),  Boy looses mind, fucks around thinking he will get over the girl only to realize he will fall harder and harder for the girl.

Case 2 Epilogue: Girl is married to Boy 2.1 and in love with Boy 2.3 who is still trying to move on. Brainfucked!!

Case 3.1: Girl and Boy are best friends since bachpan. Boy and girl grow up and realize they kinda like each other. Boy and girl start dating each other and get seriously involved. Boy loves the girl. Maybe the girl loves the boy too (I am not sure because I am not 3.1) Girl decides to follow other pursuits in life, leaving behind a shattered boy. Girl goes to Videsh  starts a career, dates other people and life moves on. (Not really Brainfucked)

Case 3.2: Boy loves girl and is shattered after she leaves him to follow other pursuits. Boy has difficulty dealing with emotions and goes into a shell. Boy has seen enough in life and he could have gone the rest of his life without this experience but life has its own way to teach us what and who is right or wrong even if it’s for the moment. Boy is struggling to start a career and drowns himself in work and his biggest enemy – alcohol. brainfucked!!!

Case 3.3: Girl (3.3) meets shattered boy and falls in love. Girl helps boy come out of the darkest corners and start afresh. Boy cannot love anybody after experience 3.1. Girl keeps waiting for boy to tell her he loves her. The words that mean the world to girl. Boy never tells her whether he loves her or not. Boy cares for her a great deal, boy is very affectionate but boy does not think he can love anyone again or can go through the same thing again. Girl waits and wait and waits and then gives up and moves on…(brainfucked)

Case 3.4: Girl (3.4) comes in the boy’s life like a breath of fresh air. Boy likes it and starts becoming happy. They have moments, they have joy, they have laughter. Girl becomes a part of boy’s close group of friends…All this.. until the devil called ‘lack of trust’ conquers boy’s mind again and a once beautiful relationship spirals down into fights, arguments, drunken brawls, and tears. Girl loves the boy more than anything else. Girl prays and waits that boy would realize that they are meant for so much more together. Girl doesn’t leave boy’s side but boy silently moves on. Girl cries herself to sleep every night praying that her dreams would come true. brainfucked!!!

Case 3 Epilogue: Girl 3.1 realizes after years of following her pursuits that maybe Boy is the one! Tells boy that she loves him. Girl’s family backs her.  Boy is confused because Girl 3.4 is still around somehow. Girl 3.4 is heartbroken that another person is in middle of them..or maybe she is in middle of them. Girl 3.4 wants boy to be happy but is angry at girl 3.1 for conveniently waltzing in and out of boy’s life just to find a suitor to get married to(obviously girl 3.4 is wrong but such are human emotions). Girl 3.4 prays everyday that he realizes he loves her ..only to be dismayed after somehow finding out that he loves Girl 3.1 because no matter what came and went, no matter how many boyfriends or girlfriends later…they are best friends and maybe are meant to be. brainfucked!!!

Final Epilogue – Seriously dude…Fuck love!!!


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