Is it all about sex baby?

Well! Now that I am single – both physically and mentally.. I thought why not celebrate this month of idiotic in-your-face dumb Valentine by writing about something that does actually exist (unlike love of course) ..

it’s a three letter very powerful word which is enjoyed by all but accepted by none (or mostly none :D)

*drumroll please* SEX *tadaaaa*

If you believe in love, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed so might as well set yourself up for something bigger and better – Sex. (Please note – I swore myself into Celibacy precisely at 6:30 P.M on January 31, 2012. So, since I can only think about it I thought might as well take one step ahead and write about it.)

And I want to write the first post about something close to..umm BIGger people.

Why are people so bigon threesomes? (sexual variant as opposed to sexual deviant)
I think of all the fantasies, it’s the only one that exceeds expectations. Mostly life is a series of mild disappointments. But two women? No matter what happens, you cant lose OR maybe you can…lose an erection. But can you? Can you really lose it when you have two women sitting right in front of you ..ready to be taken on a ride?
I think men set themselves up with such high expectations of size, performance, timing, duration, lubrication…and god knows what all ‘ation’ that they might just lose it and then… comes back to the women – to take out weapons of mass destruction just to get a shotgun to fire one round of bullets. And why are we called weaker sex again?

No matter how sophisticated you really are..Can you really handle it? Or is it all talk and no ball *wink*

Well, let me be a bit nicer. I think seeing two women touch each other – is by far the biggest turn on for most men (yes I will not say all men because Gujju men are still men – HA HA Thanks to one of my girlfriends who dated  a Gujju and gave an explicit description of his Gujju-ness)

The slightest possibility of a threesome can make a man go weak in his knees. YES girls this is what it takes…for a man to go weak on his knees…or for a man to go on his knees 😀

I have more to say ..but I am shattered right now..with fever and a horrible cold…Wait till I write the next one…

Hint – Southern Sun! DING DONG!

No Love
Me :p