this is what life taught me at 25 – Part II

So, after the highly controversial part one…here’s the part 2.

I have been asked to do this ————“Apne Girebaan mein Jhaanko”

Let me do that now…

People claim that I broke someone’s heart once, that person also claims I broke his heart – So much so that i hear it often these days….so here’s what my Girebaan has to say.

Really???? Did I break your heart?

If I did and if you really did feel the pain – Why did it only take you 11 days to start seeing somebody else??? The same somebody else who you had casually dated before we started going around. The same somebody who you introduced as a “friend” and later dismissed by saying ..just a random acquaintance.

Did I really break his heart if I never had it. When I never lied about the situation and YET I tried working it out…then why the fuck am I being blamed. When you were casually text flirting (read: Exchange of flirty SMS) with this “friend” while we were going around …and then started seeing her immediately after we broke up …(which i only found out much later) then why the fuck play the blame game.

As of today, I can say …Koi kisi ka dil nahi todta…sab aankhein kholte hain….You said I broke your heart…I say you opened my eyes. I had the BALLS to do whatever I did…if you loved me should have had the BALLS to come and speak to my parents. ..Instead you thought ..well ..koi na ..i have this other chick lined up…. Toh BC kaunsa pyar ..aur kaunsa dil….

My girebaan is hereby clear…and devoid of any guilt. Nobody is perfect and I don’t claim to be perfect myself but I have never cheated on anyone. NEVER. I have never had casual flings, I have never NOT taken any relationship seriously. I have never two timed anyone and I certainly have never left someone for another person.

To all the men who have waltzed in and out of my life … taught me a lot and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.

I am done explaining and I never shall…never again.



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